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Associate Players

Associate players play in the Quartet on occasion and also supplement it to make a Quintet, Sextet, or larger when required.

Graham Pinder - Saxophones

Graham started his musical career at the age of 14 joining the Royal Marines School of Music studying clarinet and violin, and after 13 years went to college studying musical instrument technology  Following working for Boosey & Hawkes in Edgware he branched out on his own as a woodwind maker and repairer making professional clarinets in partnership with Peter Eaton. He has played within many genres of music from accompanying cabaret, musical shows, to small ensembles. He is a regular member of the Central band of the Royal British Legion and Hertfordshire Philharmonia in which he plays violin.

John Cook - Saxophones

John Cook studied music at Cambridge, but subsequently, having qualified as an accountant, moved into finance training.  He has kept busy as a clarinettist and saxophonist; highlights have included performing “Sternklang” by Stockhausen under the composer’s direction in Bonn, and taking part in the first UK production of Shostakovich’s musical “Cheryomushki” with Pimlico Opera.  He plays in a number of orchestras and chamber groups, including the Sinfonia of Cambridge and Covent Garden Chamber Orchestra, and the wind quintet “W5” for which he has made many arrangements.


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